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Despite Cold and Snow

To Create an Attractive Visual Effect

Trees have the advantage of decorating the winter landscape, making it less dull. Conifers add colour with their green thorns. The different bark textures, deciduous trees, such as birches, or brightly coloured branches, such as some maples, add colour.

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Other Plants

To add a splash of colour to your garden, some plants produce berries that stay in place in winter. Grasses and perennials do not always need to be cut back in the autumn. Grasses will provide a nice contrast to the trees, while the evergreen foliage of some perennials will add colour to your setting.

Enhancing Other Elements of Your Landscape

The presence of an architectural element, such as a pergola or gazebo, can sometimes get lost in a summer setting, especially if it is surrounded by climbing plants. In winter, this structure can be rediscovered in a more refined way. The same applies to various decorative elements, such as a specially shaped flower box or other massive accessories. You can also use all sorts of decorative objects to add life to your winter garden. Another good way to brighten up a winter landscape is to hang bird feeders. Finally, don’t forget that the nights are longer in winter. This is an excellent opportunity to enhance your outdoor space with lights that will highlight the layout of your garden and allow you to see it from a new perspective, whether from a window, the street or the middle of the yard.

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