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2431, boul. industriel, QC

9h - 17h

450 658-7795

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localisation, lieu, où, chambly, quebec
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Innovation first and foremost

Personalized service

Environmentally friendly

Research and product development for you

20 years of service to professionals internationally

We are actively involved in the circular economy

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Landscape Lighting

We have the resources and knowledge to customize your landscapes.

Architectural Lighting

Take advantage of our services and products to give aesthetic value to your achievements.

Investing in landscape lighting is about taking up space to share with your family.

 landscaping, garden, exterior, backyard, flower, perennial

Professional and family

We can guide you to make the right choice of mood lighting to enhance and add value.

We manufacture to measure, according to your specifications.

Fair prices for a range of copper and aluminum products.

2019 trends in landscaping and outdoor living

2019 Trends in Landscaping and Outdoor Living

AUGUST 14 2019

Why invest in landscape lighting?

Why Invest in Landscaping ?

JULY 17 2019

What do we mean by eco-efficient lighting?

What do we mean in «eco-efficient» lighting?

JULY 3 2019

Spectabilis, copper, trail lamp, garden, classic

For over 20 years LUBO Lighting excels in outdoor lighting. We are proud manufacturers and work with professionals everywhere.

2431, boul. industriel

Chambly, QC

J3L 4W3

T. 450 658-7795

F. 450 403-1922

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