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2431, boul. industriel, QC

9h - 17h

450 658-7795

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Enough is enough

article, light pollution, health,

AUGUST 28 2019

The worsening of light pollution does not only affect insects and other animal species. It also affects human health. The American Medical Association has warned ...

Quality over quantity

 article, technology, heat dissipation, LED

AUGUST 21 2019

The worsening of light pollution does not affect insects and other animal species. It also affects human health. The American Medical Association has ...

2019 Trends in Landscaping and Outdoor Living

 article, change, spring, exterior, trends 2019

AUGUST 14 2019

This is the perfect time for your minor changes that you will enjoy immediately.

It does not take much to make your land of your dreams...

Why invest in landscape lighting?

 article, investment, landscape lighting

JULY 17 2019

L’éclairage extérieur vous permettent de profiter de votre terrasse ou de votre cour longtemps après le coucher du soleil. Il est conseillé ...

What do we mean by ''eco-efficient lighting'' ?

article, environment, eco efficient lighting, economical

JULY 3 2019

Energy efficiency now has a significant influence on the thinking of homeowners and businesses. It goes far beyond the use of energy efficient lighting, with the ability to reduce ...

The blue light toxicity of LEDs on health

article, toxicity, blue light, LED, health, human

JUNE 26 2019

Sunlight affects biological, psychological and physical influences by controlling the human biorhythm. However, modern people spend most of their time indoors, so ...

Ecosystem instability

 article, instability, ecosystem, health, environment

JUNE 19 2019

... found that there was strong evidence suggesting a credible link between light pollution and the decline of insect populations. ...

A real scandal in the lighting industry

article, industry, landscape lighting, economy, light bulb, renewable energy

MAY 29 2019

There is now more and more luminaires (projectors) on the market (especially landscape lighting) that work with LEDs, but the light bulb ...

2431, boul. industriel

Chambly, QC

J3L 4W3

T. 450 658-7795

F. 450 403-1922

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