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Bienvenue chez LUBO Lighting, nous avons plus de 20 ans de service auprès des professionnels.

2431, boul. industriel, QC

9h - 17h

450 658-7795

Why invest in landscape lighting?


  • Add value to your property. Luminaires designed to your specifications.
  • Use of quality products that meet the standards.
  • Create a real outdoor living space, outdoor environments ...

Landscape Lighting

The addition of lighting allows the beauty and uniqueness of your property to be fully expressed at night. You will be captivated by the elegance of our variety.

Architectural Lighting


Put your outdoor living space in the foreground! The addition of some architectural lamps will give you a remarkable outdoor atmosphere for you and your neighborhood. Ensure your landscapes of quality products, long term, specified according to your needs.

2431, boul. industriel

Chambly, QC

J3L 4W3

T. 450 658-7795

F. 450 447-2933


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