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How to Optimize the Use of Lighting Products

The Benefits of Modularity

The aluminum and copper lightings from Lampes LUBO Internationale inc. are designed according to the circular economy. With only one of our projectors in hand, modulating the lighting according to the architectural and landscape ambiance is possible. Our various applications allow us to highlight the concepts: under soffits, in trees, in gutters, on a stake in the ground, in a gazebo, on a fence, a railing, stairs and many others.

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We design reusable products to contribute to the circular economy. Our lighting products, in copper or aluminum, are specially made according to:

  • The energy efficiency
  • CO2 reduction
  • Modularity (multiple applications, wide choice of standard bulbs, three times less inventory and many other advantages)
The Circular Economy

It is essential to use a product to its full potential and modulate it to vary its usefulness with our different applications. We optimize the use of resources at all stages of our product’s life cycle in a circular logic, reducing the environmental footprint and contributing to people’s well-being.

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